come to calm

therapeutic massage & private yoga instruction

september 24-30 | logan’s circle, washington dc
october 1-31 | capitol hill, washington dc

hoboken/nyc thereafter




I am here to help you. Together, we will steady your mind, heal your body, and open your heart. Please respect this therapeutic framework by channeling your energy (excitement, eros, passion) into your breath. You will not regret it.


Whether you’re coming in for a therapeutic massage or private yoga instruction, I ask that you are open to surrender. This means doing your best to following my guided instruction. I may cue your breath, ask you to hold a difficult posture or endure a moment of deep tissue massage. That said, please speak up if any sharp pain or untenable feeling arises. For massage, you’ll benefit greatly by remaining still and maintaining a deep, slow, never-held breath.


When requesting a session by text, please include your name, the requested service and length, time, and location (my studio or your home or hotel). You can see my Google calendar below to find a time.

Please let me know if you will be late. When you’re on time, I’m able to leave a few minutes on either side of the booking for dressing and a brief chat, giving you the full time you’re paying for. Cancellations within 24 hours are subject to a $50 fee. Cancellations within 12 hours must be paid in full. If you’ll need to shower before or after, please let me know upon booking.


Please see the calendar to choose an available time. Text or email me when you've found a time and we'll go from there. 




Massage: 30 min $90 | 45 min $120 | 1hr $140 | 90 min $200 | 2 hr $260
Yoga: 45 min $90 | 1 hr $110 | 90 min $160

Discounted massage and yoga combinations are available.




Adam was first exposed to yoga after high school in 2008. Being tall and playing the saxophone for many years led to severe inflexibility and strength imbalances. After taking a “body mapping” class at Portland State University, he became more aware of the pain in his body and set an intention to eliminate it. Lotus pose, down dog, and back bending seemed impossible in the early days, but with consistent effort he managed to surpass these and other obstacles. After moving to NYC in 2013 for a modeling job, Adam discovered Ashtanga yoga and was hooked. Studying in a semi-private “Mysore style” setting, this allowed him to focus deeply into his body without the constant verbal instruction of a teacher. In 2015 he attended a 10 day Vipassana course to deepen his meditation practice and continues to explore this modality. In 2016 he started incorporating bodywork into sessions with his private yoga students, inspiring him to attend Pacific College of Oriental Medicine to pursue a BA in massage therapy. In 2017 he finished a yoga teacher training with Jared McCann at Lighthouse yoga in Brooklyn. Adam is grateful to continue his yoga education as an assistant under his teacher Michael Guiou.

Just Naked is a platform for social nudists of all genders to find local events and meet like-minded folks. Started by Adam and his partner Lea in 2018, the group has grown to include naked drawing, yoga, poetry reading, and dance classes. If you have ever been curious about social nudism but didn’t know where to start, Just Naked is the answer. []



I am a very experienced massage receiver, and Adam has immediately become one my favorite massage therapists. He has a kind and comforting nature, and I was comfortable in his presence from the moment we met. His motivation is to provide healing and relaxation. He is never hurried. Every stroke is deliberate. And his unconventional technique is very effective. He is very communicative with regards to pressure, what feels good, and if you are enjoying what you are receiving. He is physically attractive and very tall! His height enables him to work on you from unique angles. I highly recommend him. I have now seen him 3 times and look forward to the next session.
- Stephen, November 2018

Spot-on, skilled and sexy.  Adam is dedicated to yoga and massage.  His knowledge of both makes for an extraordinarily satisfying session.  Mix the two together, a little yoga then massage, and it’s a work-out and tension releasing experience like none other.  He’s confident in his ability and masterful in applying pressure and touch.  Highly recommended. 
- Michael, October 2018

Adam brings several talents and gifts to his massage. He is kind and empathetic- He has an incredible touch and ability to get at every knot - He has an intuitive sense of what you need  - He gives every session his undivided and complete attention - He exudes sensuality - 
I have experienced several massages from Adam - Always leave feeling valued and very satisfied - truly wonderful experience that everyone should explore.
- G, October 2018

I luckily found Adam through Masseurfinder in 2015. He seemed to offer more than just the typical deep tissue massage, with stretchying and other unique options, so I gave him a try. Turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made. From the moment I walked in, Adam was very warm and friendly. He asked about any physical issues and then went to work. Sometimes you know within the first 15 seconds if you’re going to have a good massage. After 10 seconds, I knew I would have a GREAT massage. Adam is very intuitive and knows exactly how to work tight and tense muscles. The stretching is a bit of “work,” but in a positive way. By the end of the hour, I went from tense to almost feeling like jello. And he’s the only masseur whose work I still feel benefits me days later.  If you are looking for an incredible massage, you could not be in better hands than with Adam.
- Jim, September 2018

Adam Wayne is the gold standard. Amazing legit massage skills... sexy as fuck... and most importantly: Kind and Loving.
- My Massage Reviews, February 2018

Adam twisted and wound himself around my body and imbued me with his healing energy. He is clearly a yoga master and he gives a massage that heals the body and restores the soul.
- September 2017

[Adam’s massage] was truly special. It transcended me and I am very grateful.
- Eric, February 2018

I can't recommend Adam highly enough. Seems like he'll be traveling a lot in 2018, which is bad news for me, but great news for many who wouldn't normally have the chance to meet him.
- December 2017

I have had many massages over the years. I would not say that Adam is "among" the best. I would say that he "is" the best!  First, he was very attentive to my desires with respect to level of pressure.  Next, the way he integrated breathing and stretching into the massage turned the massage into a much  bigger experience.  Lastly, the way he used his whole body in the massage, and stayed in contact with mine, made the massage both therapeutic and relaxing at the same time. When I was finished, I was totally relaxed and in a much better state than when we started.  On top of all of that, my conversation with Adam seemed like we had known each other for a long time -- that's how comfortable he makes you feel. I hope to have at least one more massage with Adam while he is in DC.  If you are smart, you will hurry to book your appointment with this amazing masseur.
- Joe, April 2018

[Adam is] truly gifted.
- Jim, January 2018

Adam is one of the most intuitive, passionate and skilled masseurs I have ever encountered. He is well trained and incorporates therapeutic stretching into his technique. I can honestly say that my massage with Adam is the best I have ever experienced.
- November 2017

I am repeat client of Adam's and each massage only gets better.
- Gary, October 2017

Exceeds all expectations for professionalism balanced with tenderness. Calm, healing, friendly energy, yet able to really do deep work. (Don't let his youthful looks fool you, he is strong!)
- Fridolf, June 2017

[Adam’s] massage (and acrobatic skills) are amazing. And [his] energy is so gentle and strong at the same time! I’m not often in a position to let myself lean on another person and just ‘be happy’ so [I have Adam to thank] for that.
- Carl, March 2018

Each session gets better.
- Gary, January 2018

[Adam is] a remarkable guy and brilliant at what [he does]. I honestly don’t believe I’ve ever been more affected by anyone as I was when meeting [him]. I feel blessed to know [him].
- Christian, February 2018

That was a wonderful session with a very happy ending. [Adam is] a precious soul and I love [him] for that.
- David, January 2018

The massage is transformative and I won't try to explain it, but as he says, it truly is unlike anything I've ever experienced.
- Terry, October 2017

I have never had a massage like this. He uses the right pressure and leaves you feeling not only relaxed but refreshed. He is an amazing person and makes sure that at all times your are comfortable. He stays engaged and has not only excellent technical skills but a personal connection as well.
- Gary, January 2017